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A rapidly expanding Medicinal cannabis business with four unique clinical trials driven by the medical community for globally significant markets. Distribution channels already in place with Australia’s largest distributor of cannabis medicines.


An Oral devices business with strong revenue growth from all products; including, sports mouthguards for teeth protection and to reduce concussion risk, and sophisticated devices made to combat sleep apnoea, snoring and bruxism.


With our own laboratory in Victoria, Australia, Impression is an innovative healthcare company that offers best-in-class oral devices that can be provided direct to the consumer or via our growing B2B Preferred Practitioner Network of Dentists.

Impression also has its licenses in place to import, export and distribute medicinal cannabis products. We also have a binding agreement with Cannvalate and Swinburne University of Technology and to undertake four medicinal cannabis clinical trials complementary to the issues we currently aim to prevent with our oral devices.

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