The Knight Guard

Custom-Fit Night Guards For Teeth Grinding

Affordable Night Plate for People That Grind Their Teeth at Night

Up to 50% of adults experience night-time teeth grinding or clenching at some stage of their life. This can cause significant and expensive damage to their teeth.

The Knight Guard is a convenient and affordable night guard that provides you with the best protection against teeth grinding while you sleep.

At a fraction of the cost of visiting your dental clinic (even with private health, night guards can be extremely expensive), The Knight Guard offers the convenience of receiving an at-home, DIY impression kit; taking the impression of your teeth yourself; and having the night guard delivered, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Like with IHL’s other products, ITW and Gameday, at the centre of The Knight Guard is our patented Home Impression Kit process, where the customer does their own impression at home, and then we manufacture the custom device and return by Express Post.

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